“Develop a successful marketing strategy” Training session to ARIS start-ups!

On Friday, March 10th, ARIS welcomed the Deloitte Marketing & Communications team to its premises to facilitate the workshop “Develop a successful marketing strategy”, which covered all channels of marketing from the conventional marketing methods (or offline marketing) to non-conventional and digital marketing (online marketing).

Marketing is one of the most important aspects for a startup’s success. Without an effective marketing strategy and communication actions, a startup will struggle to make a name for itself and gain market share.

A tool very important for early-stage start-ups, the go-to-market marketing strategy was also presented during the training. The go-to-market marketing strategy involves identifying and finding the right customers for your business and using the right channels to reach out and sell to them. Moreover, during the interactive workshop, the start-up teams were able to discuss with Deloitte experts about their brand, logo and name.

We are grateful to Konstantinos Kakouros, Assistant Manager | Marketing & Communications and Nikolas Kyriakou, Associate | Marketing & Communications for delivering this motivating and interactive training session to our current cohort of Startups.