“How to pitch your idea? Tips for the perfect pitch” Interactive session with our resident start-ups!

Due to limited resources and less market experience, raising capital from investors is especially difficult for start-ups and innovative SMEs. Hence it is essential to prepare for a compelling, short, well-positioned and above all well-practised pitch deck when meeting with Angel investors and/or VCs which can spark interest, begin a conversation and secure the funding — and future — for your company! A pitch deck should be creative, well-researched, visually appealing, and informative, with an upbeat tone!

Knowing the importance of a good pitch deck at ARIS we ensure that our cohort of start-ups are well prepared before getting in touch with possible investors and we focus on supporting each one to continuously work on improving their deck. In this respect, on January 9th, 2023, ARIS organized another interactive session with our start-ups on the topic: “How to pitch your idea? Tips for the perfect pitch”. The session was followed by a pitching presentation from the start-up teams which led to a constructive discussion among all participants.