Resident Teams




IREROBOT LTD is a research and development firm that aims to generate interactive technologies which have a positive effect in people’s lives. Rehabilitation robotics, medical technologies and sensory interfaces are the current topics of focus of IREROBOT. Our vision is to achieve a significant impact towards rendering human-machine interaction technologies more physical and comfortable and contribute to the betterment of cyber-physical experience through a more technologically inclusive world.

WATTS is a portable home energy storage and management system, which is compatible with any kind of energy sources. It is a plug and play modular power cell for home and outdoors, that can wirelessly connect to cloud based platform and mobile applications. The battery created is as easy to use as a TV, and it will allow customers to create personal power plants from any available power source.

EkoNest is a purpose-driven ethical lifestyle brand for shoppers who care about people & the planet – specializing in the development of environmentally friendly products that are alternatives to plastic and help to prevent waste.

Every purchase helps to support the environmental non-profit organization, Let’s Make Cyprus Green, in their efforts in combating waste and plastic pollution.


Binary Analytics is the digital consultants for companies. It provides the right tools for managers and employees to capture performance data from their clients in a non-intrusive manner, interprets this data and translates it into practical solutions implemented through online gamified learning modules. Binary Analytics is the future of consulting and talent acquisition, retention, and improvement.

SMART SIGN is an ambitious European start-up founded in Cyprus that provides an innovative solution in the fields of RegTech, LegalTech and FinTech. It is a platform aiming to provide a one-time KYC procedure along all members of the system using blockchain technology. It also provides a way to regulate the markets of Virtual currencies and decentralized Securities more effectively.

Dawai app is a Digital Medication companion around the patient to enhance compliance on personal medication and minimize medication errors. Your personal digital pharmacist to support and follow up with you on every medication concern. With Dawai app, patients will become informed, inspired and involved.

Innovopolis LTD is a European resource management start-up that ensures the sustainable management of waste resources within buildings. Our decentralised waste management model is an industry disruptive solution through which we eliminate the need for waste collection, incineration and landfilling. Using state of the art, clean technology, Innovopolis recovers energy from waste at the place where it is generated, offering our customers a sustainable and cost saving alternative to the management and disposal of their property’s waste.

3SSENTIA is a platform that aims to help companies unleash their people’s full potential. Our digital coach is designed to provide real time in the flow of work support to help employees overcome challenges, find more inspiration and connect them more effectively with their peers that can fuel their growth. 3SSENTIA is a win win solution that empowers employees to take more ownership of their professional development while equipping organizations with powerful insights to make more informed decisions on how to optimise the value of their human capital.

Fundscribe is a Donation Crowdfunding Platform – launching in December 2019 – where you can donate money to individuals fundraising for personal causes. Our mission is to increase the annual donor retention rate relative to other crowdfunding platforms. Fundscribe has two unique features compared with the rest of the industry – it will act as an affiliate partner to online stores so donors can get cashback discounts on any online purchases made through Fundscribe and there will be gamification features where donors can track their longterm total Social Impact.

Inowaste is an ambitious Start Up, with the mission of changing the way that waste is managed by the construction and demolition (C&D) industry. By volume, C&D waste is the largest waste stream in Europe and is expected to reach 1.1 Billion tonnes per annum by 2020.  The startup is currently developing an innovative cloud-based Smart Waste Management System, which will empower contractors to utilise the high resource value of their waste streams and realise the potential for exploiting material recovery.

AntS is a project that aspires to build a platform that will offer consumers all the interior design materials and objects available in the market to choose from. The app will enable users to apply any object in the template, which will resemble the space they want to furnish. This will enable users to verify if everything fits together and if they would like the particular combination. Users will be able to Drag and Drop any material or object they want in order to create their perfect design. Users will also have the opportunity to proceed with buying the items they like and have them delivered directly at their space. The team consists of Stavriana Antoniou, Founder of AntS, with an expertise in Interior Architecture & Design for 23 years in three different countries; (the rest of the team will remain anonymous for the time being due to employment at companies which do not allow freelancing).

SIMLEAD is a versatile consultancy company that provides state of the art engineering services, within the concepts of simulation-driven design, design thinking, product lifecycle management and lean manufacturing. SIMLEAD mission is to leverage the power of digital design-computational culture and leading-edge manufacturing technologies to foster innovation and create a positive impact to end users. SIMLEAD offers engineering design, analysis, prototyping, applied research and manufacturing consulting services.

Exal is an ecommerce marketplace that utilizes retail stores with tech savvy fashion youth to create a social shopping environment.Users through our platform can purchase products through influencers, shop profiles, map, marketplace and have the ultimate shopping experience.

Oreen is an online tool that allows the users to book guided activities such as museum visits, hiking, caving, birdwatching etc In addition the website helps hosts that have nature-based activities to promote and inform visitors on sustainable and responsible tourism. The platform is focused on these specific branches of sustainable tourism: geotourism, conservation tourism and adventure tourism. Our mission is to help sustainable tourism in nature to grow by providing the visitor information and booking in advance. On the other hand service providers can promote and grow their visitors list. Our motto is ‘life is an adventure’ and we want tourists to experience adventures in nature by learning of what locals can offer. We want visitors to be able to discover new exciting places; even if they live just next to them. So let us help you ‘make your next trip your great adventure’.

MmmBeach is an easy to use mobile solution that allows tourists to receive all the necessary information regarding local beaches, popular activities. The MmmBeach app can also be used to book different services directly at the beach! Through the app, self-employed and small businesses that have a hard time targeting tourists and short time visitors can have access to potential customers and eventually offer them a variety of products and services at the competitive pricing.