The National Team for the Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge at ARIS

On Saturday, 6th of July 2019, ARIS hosted the National Team for a training session for the Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge – CCSC.

Each year, the National Team for the CCSC is selected and trained in order to compete at the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) that takes place annually. This year, Cyprus’ team of 10 contestants aged 14-25 will compete against 18 other national teams during the ECSC in Bucharest on 9-11 October.

The Cyprus Computer Society is responsible for preparing the National Team for this year’s ECSC. Information Security specialists in Cyprus from both academia and the industry act as mentors by setting-up and running the national challenges, in order to train the cyber talents for the ECSC. These challenges include Buffer Overflow Exploitation, Web Application Hacking, Forensic Investigations, Steganography and Cryptography exercises, Reverse Engineering, Open Source Intelligence, Hardware Hacking, etc.