What is ARIS

Call it an accelerator. | Call it a co-working space. | Call it whatever you want.

But one thing is for certain – ARIS is A Really Inspiring Space!

What is ARIS?

How it empowers innovative enterprises?

ARIS is a non-profit organisation established in association with Deloitte, with the sole
purpose of offering start-ups and scale-ups with the structure, mentorship and network
needed to grow successful business ventures. The acceleration programme has been
designed and is being curated by Deloitte’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. The
accelerator targets start-ups that want to speed up the execution time of their projects and
expedite their go-to-market speed and scale-ups that need business or financial support to
develop and expand further their business.

Who is ARIS for?

Are you a start-up or scale-up with a game-changing solution?

ARIS welcomes applications by innovative enterprises from anywhere in the world which
are passionate about solving today’s problems through innovative technological solutions.
Although we prioritise B2B solutions in the fields of renewable energy, shipping, IT and
fintech, we do not exclude solutions that do not fall into these categories, as long as they:
– Have solid growth potential in the global market
– Develop a technology-based innovative product/service
– Have the capabilities required to implement a product/service and maintain a sustainable business

What is the structure of the programme?

ARIS can give you the right footing from start to end, by assisting you to present
your financial information in a coherent manner and helping you approach
potential stakeholders.

The acceleration programme has been specifically designed to enable innovative enterprises
speed up their market strategy. As such, the programme is built on 4 pillars and provides
entrepreneurs with a practical roadmap to fine-tune their business model, test and effectively
commercialise their product/service. Depending on their maturity level and advisory needs,
residents begin their acceleration journey from either pillar. Through their residency, they
have access to mentors and coaches with a wide breadth of expertise who support the
founders in their entrepreneurial journey with an emphasis on commercialisation, financial
and business areas, and enjoy the transfer of knowledge, exposure to various stakeholders
and access to the innovation ecosystem – all within an inspirational co-working space. ARIS
residency includes a 26-week intensive training aiming to provide innovative enterprises with
a holistic business overview to fine-tune their business model and accelerate their market

What do we offer?

Whether you have an innovative solution and you require business support to
succeed in a competitive market or have the tech skills but lack the business case,
ARIS can help you go to the next level.

Here’s what you get from the programme:
1. Mentoring: Providing guidance with product and customer validation, marketing, product
development & pitching.
2. Pitching: Hands-on advice on how to create your pitch deck and develop your pitching skills.
3. Networking Opportunities: Develop connections with industry partners, mingle with
likeminded people, and build a network.
4. Co-working Space: A fully furnished office space, hot desk and conference rooms.
5. Funding Opportunities (grants): Organise workshops on available funding and provide
assistance on the preparation of proposals.
6. Financial Projections: Template to prepare your Financial Projections and provide feedback.
7. Connecting with Investors: ARIS prepares residents and introduces them to potential

Pitch us your project!

If you believe that your solutions are breaking grounds, we want to hear them! 

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