XM supports ARIS Accelerator’s efforts towards growing innovative enterprises

ARIS A Really Inspiring Space is pleased to announce that, after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on 25 October 2023, XM joined forces with ARIS as a Sponsor. XM’s sponsorship of ARIS aims to support its efforts in empowering innovative enterprises and strengthening Cyprus as a leading start-up hub in the Middle East and Western Europe.

Through this collaboration, ARIS and XM aspire to support the acceleration of start-ups and scale-ups and help them accelerate their growth.

“We are delighted of this new collaboration with ARIS that opens new opportunities for us. As a human-oriented company, XM is committed to upholding our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our mission to make a positive difference to the life of individuals, irrespective of their culture, religion, or ethnic background, and help them achieve their potential, fully aligns with ARIS vision to make an impact on the entrepreneurial scene. That’s why we decided that the best way to support the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Cyprus was by joining forces with ARIS accelerator.” said Ms. Constantina Stylianou, Head of CSR of XM.

Mr. George Martides, Financial Advisory Services Leader of Deloitte in Cyprus and Member of the Board of Directors of ARIS said: “This MOU is an important milestone in the journey of ARIS. We are very excited for this collaboration which highlights our vision for ARIS to become a meeting point between corporates and high-growth innovative enterprises, actively helping to drive the future of innovation on our island.”

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About XM

Founded in 2009, XM is a well-established and reputable international investment firm, with over 900 professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry. With over 10 million clients from over 190 countries since it was founded, XM has grown to a large international investment firm and has become a true industry leader.

About ARIS

ARIS is a non-profit organisation established in association with Deloitte Cyprus, for the purposes of offering innovative enterprises with the necessary structure, mentorship, and network to grow successful business ventures. ARIS supports start-ups that want to speed up the execution time of their projects and expedite their go-to-market speed and scale-ups that need business or financial support to develop and expand further their business and contribute to the growth of the innovation ecosystem.