ARIS opens its doors to four new promising start-ups!

ARIS had the pleasure to organise a kick-off meeting on Monday, 20 November 2023 at its premises, to welcome four remarkable start-up companies and teams that have been selected to join the 2023 cohort.

Following an open call for applications and the evaluation, which was completed in two phases, ARIS opened its doors to four resident teams that have been accepted in the program. The start-ups range from different sectors such as Information Management, finance, health and law.

The new cohort of start-up teams will enjoy invaluable learning opportunities and advice, transfer of knowledge, exposure and connections to various stakeholders and industry partners, access to our highly skilled pool of mentors and support on their financials. Throughout their residency they can also utilise our very inspiring co-working space and be part of a vibrant innovation community cultivating business growth. All the above play a vital role in fine-tuning their business model, expediting their go-to-market speed and further expanding their business.

Please meet the innovative enterprises that joined ARIS cohort 2023:

Formulaw is a pioneering legal tech startup designed to democratise legal services for SMEs without extensive legal teams. Our platform harnesses the power of AI to offer a full-cycle contract management solution, from AI-assisted drafting to smart contract automation and an innovative virtual dispute resolution system. We aim to make legal processes more accessible, efficient, and affordable, empowering businesses to handle legal matters with confidence and ease. Formulaw is the go-to tool for legal nomads seeking to navigate the legal landscape without traditional barriers. is the Next Generation Digital Asset Management system made by digital artists for digital artists and powered by AI. Asseter eases and speeds up routine asset-preparing operations – tagging, categorization, preview and description generation as well as metadata extraction.  Users also benefit from AI-powered asset search and filtering with a few clicks. Professional software integrations make assets uploading and downloading process a one-click breeze. Asseter is available as Could and On-Premises versions. The Asseter side-project Scout uses AI and Computer Vision technology to help user search for 3D assets by picture across 3D stock marketplaces, completely transforming assets search paradigm into the artist friendly visual approach.

TradingJoe is a retail investing app designed to simplify access to financial markets for European Retail Investors. By leveraging generative AI to construct a user’s portfolio and providing commission-free trades on stocks, options and ETFs, we aim to break down the traditional technical and economic barriers and improve the way people invest and trade.

Cancer NanoHerb aims to innovate and commercialise a line of herbal medicine nanoformulations and all-natural bioactive ingredient oral formulae by incorporating nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems. These nanoformulations are specifically targeted for the supportive and integrative care of cancer patients, providing the tools to help them withstand the strain of conventional treatment and improve the patient-reported outcomes, including their quality of life and treatment experience. The first product in the line is an all-natural ingredient, a plant-based oral solution formulated specifically for the management of oral mucositis and xerostomia for head and neck cancer patients.

Since its establishment in 2018, ARIS has actively supported more than 30 start-ups with guidance, mentorship, free shared working space, peer-to-peer support, and networking opportunities to make true impact to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Stay tuned to learn more about the start-ups and their entrepreneurial journey!

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