Celebrating our six-month anniversary

A summer networking event, showcasing our Resident Startups

ARIS, which stands for A Really Inspiring Space, opened its doors to its first resident startups in February 2018. Last Monday, on the 6th of August, the achievements of those startups were celebrated in an event titled “Creating Value Through Innovation, in an Ever Changing Global Environment”.

The event was launched with a presentation by Ms. Monica Ioannidou, the Director of ARIS and Director of Deloitte’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre, on how innovation sparks value creation in the new digital era.

During the event, the resident startups pitched for the first time to an audience of more than 80 people representing the business world, the public sector, academia and the startup community, the products and services that they are developing.

The event was completed after pitchings by two teams of school students who participated in a 1-month Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, which was specifically designed by ARIS team in order to expose teenagers to various methodologies and key technological trends and encourage them to think creatively.

The Resident Startups that participated in the event were:

  1. Watts, a plug and play modular power cell (ie. a battery), which is compatible with any available power source.
  2. Simlead, a versatile consultancy firm that provides state of art engineering services, within the concepts of simulation-driven design, design thinking, product lifecycle management and lean manufacturing.
  3. EXAL, a blockchain powered e-commerce platform which enables retail merchants to take control of their online operations.
  4. Inowaste, a cloud based solution for the Construction Industry that allows easy compliance with National & European Waste Laws, reduces costs and manage waste throughout the entire chain.
  5. Oreen, an online tool that allows users to book guided activities such as museum visits, hiking, caving, birdwatching etc, promoting geotourism, conservation tourism and adventure tourism.
  6. MmmBeach, an easy to use mobile solution that allows tourists to receive all the necessary information regarding local beaches and popular activities, while using the app to also book different services directly at the beach.

The team at ARIS is extremely proud of the progress its Resident Teams have achieved and wishes them the best moving forward.