Taxation issues and incentives seminar for ARIS start-ups

On April 7th, another informative and useful session on direct and indirect taxation matters was held at ARIS exclusively for the start-ups. ARIS start-ups had the opportunity to interact with Deloitte TAX and VAT professionals to resolve queries and seek advice.

Marianna Moran delivered an informative presentation on the Cyprus tax landscape and an analysis of the available tax incentives for innovative companies and start-ups. Following that, there was a productive Q&A session and discussion with ARIS start-ups and VAT specialists Christakis Economou and Nicholas Eliades.

Our gratitude for this invaluable session goes to:

  • – Marianna Moran – Manager at Business TAX, Deloitte Cyprus
  • – Christakis Economou – Director at Indirect TAX, Deloitte Cyprus
  • – Nicholas Eliades – Director at Indirect TAX, Deloitte Cyprus