Training session: “Psychometrics: Discover Yourself”, delivered by Andreas Tziarras to our resident start-ups!

A different seminar on Psychometrics was conducted at ARIS on Thursday, February 23rd. All start-up team members completed a behavioral assessment and had a debrief together with the Trainer, Andreas Tziarras (Managing Director at OneJar and ARIS mentor), during the workshop.

During the training session, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into their behavioral drivers and what drives those around them, assisting them in adopting a different perspective at their working environment. The trainer also initiated discussions on how the behavioral requirement of a role can influence the person in achieving their full potential.

Moreover, the session helped the teams identify what could be a possible clash with each character, based on the behavioral drivers and what could be a good foundation for collaboration. In a team setting, they were challenged by identifying each member’s strengths and what drives them leading to identifying the team’s dynamic.

We are grateful to Andreas for delivering this extremely interesting and  interactive training session on “Psychometrics: Discover Yourself” to our current cohort of Startups!