ARIS A Really Inspiring Space and Gold Ventures Investment (GVI) in Israel, are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 25 October 2021. The two entities will work together for knowledge exchange regarding innovation in Israel and Cyprus in order to help startup companies and enterprises to leverage their business activity and develop innovative solutions around emerging technologies, across all industry sectors and disciplines.

The collaboration between ARIS and GVI aims to support the acceleration of startup companies established in the two jurisdictions and their internationalisation through the network of two partners. In addition, the goal is to connect the two entities in Israel and Cyprus with private and public organisations, to promote and connect potential investors to invest in startup companies.

GVI is a global investment banking company based in Tel Aviv and in Europe (Austria), managing more than 16 operational offices across the border, providing various global acceleration programmes for startups giving comprehensive solutions to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. ARIS is a non-profit organisation co-founded by the Bank of Cyprus and Deloitte Cyprus, which offers valuable resources and support to aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative applications and solutions to grow quickly through mentorship, free shared working space, peer-to-peer support and networking opportunities, among other services.

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