OREEN Launch Event

On the 31st of May 2019, ARIS hosted the launch event of Oreen, one of the very first startup teams, which began its entrepreneurial journey at ARIS Accelerator last year. The team members organised this event to announce officially the start of the operations of Oreen and present the services that will be offered in the sector of the sustainable tourism in nature.

Oreen is a promotional platform for sustainable nature-based tourism. Its vision is to promote nature-based tourism, even in the most remote destination economies, whilst respecting the local people and the environment.

Oreen is a multidimensional tool with the following functionalities: allow hosts of tours and activities to register in a booking mobile application; allow travellers to book in advance adventures with local hosts via their mobile application; and it is the link between academics and the tourism industry within Oreen hub. It is a community on their website where the scientists/creators of the hub can design new experiences to sell to tourism and educational interested parties.

Their aim is to offer new experiences focused on protecting the environment and considering the local communities. Yet the hub has an added most significant role. It aims to create a community of experts that can address the challenges of sustainable nature-based tourism.