The training session: “Financing you venture/Funding opportunities for start-ups” was completed at ARIS for its resident start-ups!

According to a recent survey from Harvard Business review, around 90% of start-ups fail within the global start-up ecosystem. Their study concentrated on a critical early stage of new ventures known as “the Death Valley curve” which occurs when substantial work on a new venture has begun but no sufficient revenue has been generated. In their quest to establish the business, start-ups deplete their initial capital during this period.

Regardless of how great a business idea is, one critical component for start-up success is the ability to obtain sufficient funding to launch and grow the company. It is vital for start-ups to have the necessary information to properly finance their ventures and exploit funding opportunities available through European Programmes and other national schemes, in order to keep their business alive and survive the “valley of death”.

In this context, recognizing the importance for proper financing and funding, last week’s training session at ARIS covered different ways of “Financing ventures and Funding opportunities for start-ups”. The training session was held on March 1st, and the resident start-ups were able to collect insights that would help them determine which funding and financing options are most appropriate for their case.